Get Your Politically Incorrect Cartoon Book!

Everything you know about Hong Kong history is wrong!

Did Britain colonize the wrong island? Did Chinese refugees come to the right place? And where can I get one of those cool Handover t-shirts?

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What readers are saying:


Short but oh so sweet
“Larry Feign's Hong Kong cartoons are a work of love. The characters are lovable and quirky, and I've learned more history from these than in most high school classes.”

I want more!
“Love his humour and with this one I actually learnt a bit of Hong Kong history!”

Another in a line of great books
“Larry Feign is a brilliant cartoonist who deserves global recognition. If you know Hong Kong you will like this.”

Larry Feign

Larry Feign

has been disappointing his mother, who still thinks he should be a doctor, since age seven, when his writing and cartoons first appeared in his primary school magazine. Since then, his work has been featured in Time, The Economist, Fortune, and other publications around the world. He has directed animation for Disney and Cartoon Network, and received numerous awards and fellowships.